Art Isn’t Free

People are so convinced that art is worthless. It’s really kind of terrifying. Admittedly we live in a world now where art is more accessible than ever before. Contest posted on the internet is freely reproduced and circulated without monetary compensation, let alone credit, to the original artist like it’s commonplace. Most people know illegally downloading a song or movie is wrong (but they do it anyway,) but people don’t bat an eye before copying and reposting a photograph or drawing.

So many people expect artists and craftspeople of every kind to fork over their services for free or “barter” that it’s literally a trope. There are articles written online about how prevalent it is for people to get an email from some company asking for them to design a website or write a jingle or create a logo graphic in exchange for the “exposure”. This may come as a great shock to you all, but “exposure” does not pay an artist’s rent. A web designer can’t pay their car note from your barter of promising to “promote” them.

I had such an interaction last month with a woman who wanted me to host what would have been a $500 quizzo event, minimum, in exchange for her “promotional services”. I declined, and I chastised her presumption. She turned around and left a negative review for my services (that she didn’t even use) saying I was rude.

No Sara, what’s rude is expecting people to give of their time and skill set for no money, and then turning around and leaving a bogus negative review because your privileged little ass feels slighted after being called out.

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