Hi everybody! It's me, James, your official The Chris Gethard Show Dum-Dum.

You know, I always said I wanted to win a pageant, and now I know I should
have been more specific. Anyway, I'm honored to have been selected by some of
my comedy idols as the dumbest of all the dumb. Who knew that my teenage sexual
promiscuity would lead me to this joyous occasion? Also a cannibal.

I now have the responsibility of giving away 288 shirts that feature my gorgeous
mug, and you're welcome. I'll be wading through the many requests and submissions
across all of the social medias and whatnots, choosing my winners by the following

1.Proof of a recent donation to Planned Parenthood, R.A.I.N.N., The Southern Poverty
Law Center, or a comparable organization;

2.Bearded hotness. Gender irrelevant.

3.Your own personal dum-dum story and it's dummery as judged by me and whatever drunken
sailor is over the night I read it.

Below you will find a list of chosen winners, first name last initial state/country only.
Please do not be mad if you didn't win. Anger leads to cannibalism. That's from Star Wars.

Shirts won't go out any SOONER than August 26th, depending on how fast they are printed and
how fast I can mail them out.

It would be swell if you folowed me on the tweety or otherwise checked out or even bought
my music and such. You may see my face soon again on The Chris Gethard Show! Until then..

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1-20: Myself. I'm keeping 20 shirts. Try and stop me.
21 & 22.R.J. G. and Child - California
23.Jen C. - California
24.Adam M. - California
25.Gretchen A. - California
26.Jack Z. - North Carolina
27.George K. - Michigan
28.Brandon K. - Wisconsin
29.Melissa A. - Illinois
30.Shane D. - Pennsylvania
31.Sherrie T. - Ohio
32.Bryan L. - Massachusetts
33.William G. - Texas
34.Richie O. - Illinois
35.Stephen B. - Florida
36.Erik T. - Indiana
37.Eli P. - Kansas
38.Nekeba H. - Georgia
39.Joan B.D. - New York
40.Grant M. - North Carolina
41.Joni C. - Illinois
42.Mark D. - New Jersey
43.Christine A. - Oklahoma
44.Cole N. - Washington
45.Kelly D. - Ohio
46.Penny J. - Alabama
47.Kare B. - New Jersey
48.Jevina - Maryland
49.Doug S. - Missourri
50.Forrest P. - California
51.Brian M. - Michigan
52.Julian K. - Missourri
53.Bill L. - North Carolina
54.Tru Z. - New Jersey
55.Pebbles M. - Pennsylvania
56.Kiwi M. - Delaware
57.Real DT. - Minnesota
58.Jon M. - Minnesota
59.Sarah S. - Massacheusetts
60.Dylan H. - Toronto
61.Nicole C. - Kentucky
62.Will M. - Maryland
63.Brittany C. - Maine
64.Diego L. - New York
65.Mike R. - Texas
66.Trixie R. - Illinois
67.Aaron W. - Illinois
68.Fantom L. - New Jersey
69.Alex G. - Florida
70.Jez S. - Australia
71.Stephen R. - Pennsylvania
72.Adam H. - Georgia
73.Mion H. - Oklahoma
74.Alex P. - Texas
75.Kule C. - Pennsylvania
76.Caitlyn B. - Georgia
77.Marcus C. - Virginia
78.Maria O. - New York
79.Purple P. - Arkansas
80.Trey L. - Arizona
81.Robert M. - Missourii
82.Colleen M. - New Jersey
83.Kristle K. - Pennsylvania
84.Jowl G. - Canada
85.Adam B. - Florida
86.Taco S. - Minnoesota
87.Davis S. - California
88.Holly H. - Florida
89.Hill T. - Florida
90.Josh M. - New York
91.Nate D. - New York
92.Diana K. - New York
93.Maicy S. - New York
94.Orlando O. - New York
95.Real D.T. - Minnosotta
96.Jon M. - Minnosotta
97.Sarah S. - Massacheussetts
98.Justin E. - Washington
99.David W. - Texas
100 - 110.Guests at J1Con Anime Convention - Philadelphia
111.John R. - Indiana
112.Charles M. - Pennsylvania
114.Punk B. - Ohio
115.Brooke B. - Washington
116.Yeingst A. - Pennsylvania
117.Doug M. - California
118.Marie G. - California
119.Michelle M. - New Jersey
120.Ben P. - Massacheussetts
121.Derek S.H. - Illinois
122.Andy B. - Oregon
123.Brandon B. - Wisconsin
124.Andy P. - Arizona
125.Matthew C. - Pennsylvania
126.Dean A. - Pennsylvania
127.Eyriana - California
128-129.Two Baristas at Starbucks
130.Brood L. - New Jersey
131.Matt P. - New York
132.Xander R. - Kentucky
133.Lea D. - New York
134.Shannon D. - Pennsylvania
135.Crystal R. - Missourri
136.Tre H. - Pennsylvania
137.Vashti B. - Pennsylvania
138.Dr. Thunder - Pennsylvania
139.Pamela M. - New York
140.Zach D. - Oaklahoma
141.Stan BL - Virginia
142.John C. - Washington
143.Pat S. - California
144.C. Dad - Maryland
145.Darian B. - New York
146.Andrea G. - Washington
147.Gillian T. - Oregon
148.Joe S. - Delaware
149.Erin D. - New York
150.Gregg G. - Pennsylvania
151.Davis S. - New Jersey
152.Garen T. - New York
153.Andy H. - Ohio
154.Big Bill - West Virginia
155.Zach A. - Florida
156.Pewter H. - North Dakota
157.Rice T. - Maryland
158.Colleen M. - New Jersey
159.Bob - Virginia
160.Renee M. - Missourri
161.John D. - Massacheussetts
162.Wolf A. - New York
163.Josh B. - Kentucky
164.Filthy F. - Maryland
165.Kylo R. - Missourri
166.James R. - Pennsylvania
167.Julia P. - Pennsylvania
168.Kia Z. - Tennessee
169.Pete R. - New Hampshire
170.Mash Q. - New Jersey
171.Connor R. - New York
172.Phillipe D. - New York
173.Aaron K. - Texas
174.Laura O. - New York
175.Pewter S. - Missourri
176.Husband J. - California
177.Jessica J. - California
178.Toasted O. - New Jersey
179.Andy B. - California
180.Bryson W. - California
181-185.Getheads Podcast
186.Mary K. - Ohio
187-197.Given away at Philly Fringe Event
198.Kayla M. - New Jersey
199.Madison M. - Maryland
200.Mary K. - Ohio
201.Joe S. - Delaware
202.Roger B. - Pennsylvania
203.Head C. - California
204.Joe S. - Delaware
205.Kyle S. - Virginia
206.Den L. - Ohio
207.Andrea Q. - New Jersey
208.Mo M. - New Jersey
209.Philip R. - New York
210-230.Given away at RuPaul's Drag Con NYC
231.Ed K. - New York
232.Matthew R. - Texas
233.Dan R. - Ohio
234.Maggie F. - Delaware
235-255.Given away to audience members at TCGS 9/14
256-257.Corrie W. - New York