Hi everybody! It's me, James, your official The Chris Gethard Show Dum-Dum.

It was really cool having the opportunity to appear on the show not once, not twice,
but three times! I appreciate the thousands of you who emailed, messaged me on social
media or otherwise shared your Dum-Dum stories!

I always said that I wanted to win a pageant, and now it's clear I should have been more specific.

Anyway, the shirts are all long-gone, except for one in size XL which I will sell you for $5,000.
Email for more info.

It's been super weird to see my face on merchandise across the country, but at the same time I think we
all knew that it was in the cards for me to be plastered across the chests of America. Sure, we all
assumed it would be related to some kind of advertisement for herpes medication, but a win is a win.

Big thanks to production at TruTV, and to all of the fans who have come out to see me live in the
following months. Keep watching The Chris Gethard Show, as I'm sure to make a return visit soon!

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