James has music running through his veins, mostly due to a botched experiment with punk rock laced heroin in 1973. From church choir to musical theater to a debut dance/house record to his pop/rock/folk sound of present, singing and songwriting come as naturally to him as binge eating. Please enjoy streaming many of his songs here on this page. You can always find more on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon or whatever platform you prefer by looking him up by name!

James’ most recent single is “TimeBomb (The Depression Song)”. A pastiche of 70’s sunshine pop, the track is a stylistic departure that tricks the listener into a sense of comfort with upbeat melodies that betray the darker meaning of the lyrics; an intentionally shaky vocal and tone, the song deals with a suicidal ideology that comes from coping with life’s drudgery.

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My first album, cut in 1999, was “Mnemosyne’s Lounge”. I was 19 years old and going by the name “Easter Bradford”. I signed a record deal with producer Richard Morel. The album was technically never completed. The songs consist of trance-hop, hard house, trip-hop and dance tracks with fairly personal lyrics. It’s my most well known music to date, and songs appeared in several TV shows and films.