For the past 7 years I have worked as a karaoke and quizzo host, first under Doctor Thunder Karaoke and then solo. I’ve had the chance to entertain at hundreds of venues and private events, and I *LOVE* it. My quizzo night, called Quirky Quizzo, focuses on fun, goofy pop culture trivia. My philosophy is everyone would rather questions that make them laugh and think than dry by-the-book trivia, so I write out individual trivia for EVERY event!

I consult with you during the booking process to learn about your special occasion, birthday person or type of crowd so that I can make sure to write questions that everybody enjoys. Is your bar mitzvah boy into Sci-Fi? Let’s do a round of Star Wars questions! Is your event for a bunch of med students? I’ll write up a fun round of questions about famous doctors from film and TV!

Trivia nights start at $150 for up to 2 hours, and go up from there depending on your location, the size of your crowd and how long you want the night to last. Just send an email to to get the ball rolling!