New Album Coming 2020

2.Funeral For a Star
3.Desire Path
5.Gravy From the Garden
6.With Weight
7.Oom La Boombleigh
8.Only Women Bleed
9.This Pillow

The first time I met Tori Amos was in 1996, on her Dew Drop Inn tour. I’d met a man named Richard who told me he had the ‘in’, and I waited at the pre-show meet and greet with a surprisingly short line of fans, or as they came to be known, “Ears With Feet”. I was wearing a hideous pineapple print polyester shirt and vintage military coat, and when she laid eyes on me she said “Groovy threads, man!” I would go on to several more concerts over the coming years, accompanied by Richard, and met Tori enough times that she came to know who I was and remember me at the shows.

It was a horrendous time in my life. My mother had just died from pancreatic cancer. My father was pretty much ignoring that I was alive, and who could blame him? I was making terrible choices, and falling deep into mental illness. I hurt a lot of people, often without being able to understand what I was doing, and it would take twenty years, a ton of therapy and not a few medications to get my life and brain straight.

At a 2001 concert I got to hang out with Tori back stage, and I brought her the printed lyrics to this song. She’d sung it once only, on a radio show. We talked about the meaning of the lyrics, and the inspiration for the characters in the song. She told me, as you can see, to “Say hi to the old men at the gay bar!”

Now I *AM* the old man at the gay bar. You know. If I went to bars.

“Syrup” is an album of reflection, deeply inspired by Tori’s music over the last three decades. It’s an album about human failure and how we can only grow by fucking up. It’s about death in her many vicious and merciful forms. It’s an album of optimism viewed through the lens of deep depression and suffering.

I think it may be my best yet.

Enjoy these photos with Tori from years past, in honor of the many ways she has inspired me to be better. Healthier. More conscious. Alive. – James